Tips For Your Furniture Removal

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"We wanted to list Billion as a development property fund last year. We also give you direct access to the list of items so that you can keep a record of all items that are moved. This helps the team keep an account of all items moved from location A to B. We use high-tech computers as well as paper-based recording methods to make sure that all items reach your new home safely. Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? "I like people who are motivated and know that great rewards come through hard work. It is still hard - with the greatest respect - for the sector to accept a company like mine as an equal. Blue-collar Afrikaners were moved in, and still largely occupy the small houses that replaced the lively but desperately poor three-bedroomed homes and backyard shacks of Sophiatown. After that deal is completed, Billion will still have R2.6 billion in assets. She said you had to have a degree and you had to be a professional. Our customers have come to know that moving with Stuttaford Van Lines is the safest move they can make. As one of the top moving companies in Johannesburg, we have established a highly organised way of keeping track of the inventory.

We serve our customers in all major cities across South Africa including Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. Some of the major projects include new shopping centres such as in Hebron near Soshanguve outside Pretoria, the Rabie Ridge shopping centre next to Tembisa on Johannesburg’s East Rand and a shopping centre planned in Ngcobo, Eastern Cape. Ngebulana is chairperson of New Frontier Properties - which owns a UK shopping centre - in which Rebosis has a 68% stake, and he is also chairperson of Ascension Properties, in which Rebosis holds a 59% interest. Sophiatown was established in 1904. Before 1913 black South Africans had freehold rights, and they bought properties in the suburb. Competing property development companies already listed on the JSE include Atterbury Property, Pivotal Property Fund and Balwin Properties. Ngebulana - a lawyer by training before committing to his property business 14 years ago - had tried various sideline businesses, including furniture removals, renovating and selling property, investing in a coal company and building residential property.

While at university, Ngebulana wrote and passed the estate agency exam. At the same time, Ngebulana set up his property development company, the Billion Group, as a sideline business that operated out of Randburg. We are not only a home furniture removal company, our services cover all aspects of your move, we can assist you from dismantling to hoisting, packing and more! Our team for furniture removals in Cape Town can easily remove fixed furniture elements in a planned manner. After university, Ngebulana completed his articles at Jan S de Villiers Attorneys in Cape Town. Ngebulana later got into building malls and shopping centres, especially those close to townships and rural areas. "My Eskom job never paid enough. So I left Eskom. In 1998, then SA Reserve Bank governor Chris Stals pushed up interest rates to 25.5%, which brought the economy to a halt.

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